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Yes, She Did Cheat...The Internet Said So

It was like any other day that the girl you're seeing asks to go to a concert with a male co-worker. I mean I guess it's partially my fault for not wanting to go...ok that's bull$#*!...and here's why!

A few years ago I was seeing someone - let's not consider her special - and a concert came into town. I won't say which as not to point out the place or the fact that I have better taste than those fans. Anyway, she wanted to go very badly and I didn't want to waste the money and know that I would never have a good time listening so I told her she could go with a co-worker.

Long story short the co-worker was a guy, they got drunk, they made out a bit, and she told me about it like it was no big thing. Keep in mind at this point we were exclusive (or at least I thought).

She proceeds to tell me it's ok and it was the alcohol's fault, not her own. I called her out and said it didn't matter and it still happened. Her friends took her side. My friends took mine. Each side had a bias towards their friend.

Since I couldn't get an unbiased opinion on our situation, I went to the internet looking for answers. I knew I could tell my story but it was just my side and I knew without her telling her side I wouldn't get my answer that it was cheating and she should realize it was. There wasn't a site to do I created sidetaker!

After many early mentions in the media, the site was flooded with people and thousands of people we didn't know took a vote on who was right and wrong in our situation.

Can you guess whose side was taken? I thought so.

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