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Family (Extended) Sides

Should I bring our kids to see my Mother in Law who is rude and insulting to me and sometimes criticizes them?

If you find a stray or loose hair on your clothes, is it ok to pull the hair off and drop it on the floor?

How late is "a little late," as in "I may be a little late" from work?

Ok to put 10 yr old to bed on top of a huge heap of stuffed animals? Is this a healthy sleeping environment?

Relationship Selfishness?

Should I be annoyed that my friends are busy with their boyfriends all the time?

Should my sister announce her pregnancy when family is in town for my wedding?


Too Tight With My Sister

Family (Extended)


Walking And Feeding The New Dog

Family (Extended)


Things Aren't Easy Today

Family (Extended)


Sister Went Out With My Crush Secretly!

Family (Extended)


Accommodate The In Laws???

Family (Extended)


To Keep The Apartment Or Not?

Family (Extended)


My Boyfriend Is Annoying.

Family (Extended)


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