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Single Parenting Experts

Sometimes the problem is just too difficult or involved for just anyone's input. If that is your case, a professional expert is always encouraged. You can still stay anonymous while asking these experts their advice on practically any situation.

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Counseling Experts



Other Help

Iain A. Morrison
MA Psych Cert Ed.

Single parenting is not desirable but sadly so often a lonely necessity. I will empathetically support you and help you compensate insightfully for the missing partner $2/minute

4.82 / 5 from reviews

Diana Moore

Unhappy? Worried? Ready for a second opinion or new perspective? I can help! Professional Psychologist to help you in an affordable way. $1.9/minute

4.62 / 5 from reviews

Kathleen Finnegan

Licensed Counselor and single parent. 30 years counseling, advocating, conducting parenting classes and exploring the unique ropes of single parenting. $3.79/minute

4.87 / 5 from reviews

Marnie Macauley
M.S. in Social Work

NO PSYCHOBABBLE!Counselor, columnist, award-winning author, TV personality I provide custom strategies to fit YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. In one session feel the difference. $4.55/minute

4.96 / 5 from reviews

Rafael Richman

As a parent do you feel frustrated, exasperated, and overwhelmed? Do you long to dance gracefully with your child without stepping on each other's feet? $2.85/minute

4.84 / 5 from reviews

Tracy Ann

30 years of experience. You are not alone. I am here to walk this path with you. Very experienced in working with single parents; was a single parent myself. I'm here for $2.5/minute

4.95 / 5 from reviews

Miriam Landau

Who is running the show at home? Contact me. I'm EASY to talk to, experienced & practical. I'll help you cope & find balance. $2.75/minute

4.96 / 5 from reviews

Barbara Freedman
Mental Health Worker

As the founder and director of a pre-school program for seven years, I was a mentor to parents, who would often seek me out to discuss family and parenting concerns. $2.54/minute

4.91 / 5 from reviews

Michelle Cavanaugh

Feeling overwhelmed? Let's talk, and help you sort things out. I have many years experience working with children, as well as three of my own! $3.99/minute

4.92 / 5 from reviews

Andrea McCrary

Are you a single parent who feels alone? Are the everyday skills needed to be a single parent wearing you down? There are ways to effectively single parent a child. $2.49/minute

4.90 / 5 from reviews

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