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Fortune Telling Experts

Sometimes the problem is just too difficult or involved for just anyone's input. If that is your case, a professional expert is always encouraged. You can still stay anonymous while asking these experts their advice on practically any situation.

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Love Psychic Nathalye

7th Generation Spell Casting Expert can heal & remove with my abilities. Reunites love and offer attraction spells. Contact me now $3.99/minute

4.83 / 5 from reviews

Anne Maclean
psychic consultant

50 yrs. experience. 0ne time only pricing. esoteric astrologer/psychic. I feel everything they feel, and have answers. Truthful, honest answers $6.27/minute

4.88 / 5 from reviews

The Divine Soul

Fortune telling through genuine reading, truth and no sugarcoating delivered with quick connections by world renowned astrologer. Satisfaction guaranteed. $1.99/minute

4.91 / 5 from reviews

psychic Kumar

Fortune Teller Accurate Fast God gifted psychic reading love career money marriage dating very honest and clear insight with honesty NO WASTE TIME $1.99/minute

4.89 / 5 from reviews

Spiritual LOVE Reader..

Fortune teller, with the power to predict the future in love life and carrier. $1.99/minute

4.74 / 5 from reviews


A person’s fortune differs from one person to the next. I will be the teller of when, where, and how things will happen in the future. $1.99/minute

4.62 / 5 from reviews


specialize in all types of readings and will guide you in all areas of Your Life, Love, $20/minute

4.77 / 5 from reviews

Love Readings by Jeenifer

I will give you fortune telling for your future. what is stored for you in that. $1.99/minute

4.63 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Zoe

I know all and see all. I am a 4th generation fortune teller. I have been doing fortune telling sense over 30 years. I m a true fortune teller and will tell you all i see. $3.99/minute

4.90 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Love Guru 7

I will tell you your fortune with fast accurate answer. I will provide you the tools you need to find your true fortune. $1.99/minute

4.72 / 5 from reviews

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