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Fortune Telling Experts

Sometimes the problem is just too difficult or involved for just anyone's input. If that is your case, a professional expert is always encouraged. You can still stay anonymous while asking these experts their advice on practically any situation.

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Psychic Priestess
Psychic,Tarot Reader, Reverend,Minister

25+ years of Authentic Fortune-Telling Insight and Guidance. $2.57/minute

4.80 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Zoe

I know all and see all. I am a 4th generation fortune teller. I have been doing fortune telling sense over 30 years. I m a true fortune teller and will tell you all i see. $3.99/minute

4.89 / 5 from reviews

Love Psychic Vision

i am Love and Relationship Expert and honest accurate reader allow me to share with you, I am genuine Master Psychic and Advisor to provide you lot of Information.Fortune Tell $1.99/minute

4.32 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Xeena

With my special abilities, i can help you know about what is coming in your future with the help of my guide soa. $1.99/minute

4.73 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Hannah

Honest, in-depth and insightful psychic answers to all of your life questions. $4.99/minute

4.82 / 5 from reviews

Psychic Maheen

Accurate* Clairvoyant* Honest* Experinced* Non-Judgemental* Free connection time* Reading through Clairvoyance, Spirit guides, Tarot, Astrology & Crystal. $2.99/minute

4.86 / 5 from reviews


Call me for answers to your romantic, financial, and family prospects. $1.99/minute

4.85 / 5 from reviews

psychic expert maria

Let me help you to know the future of your life. It may be good or bad for you. So are you ready to hear the truth? Call me. $1.99/minute

4.55 / 5 from reviews

Spiritual Ash

Want to know what your future is?? Where you will be in the coming time..? i can help you with the most honest and detailed readings about your future.. $1.99/minute

4.89 / 5 from reviews

thousand oaks psychic

Relationship Master- hear the truth about your life! Do you want to know the truth about your path? I have been a fortune teller for 15 years. $9.99/minute

4.65 / 5 from reviews

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