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Psychic Reading Experts

Sometimes the problem is just too difficult or involved for just anyone's input. If that is your case, a professional expert is always encouraged. You can still stay anonymous while asking these experts their advice on practically any situation.

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Other Help

The Empathic Intuitive

New clients will receive a free transformational mp3 in their liveperson inbox! $3.25/minute

5 / 5 from reviews

Oracle Spirit - Psychic

Looking for answers?Do you have questions about finances,health, family or love life? Get in touch with me.We will see what the Spirits and the Tarot cards have to say to you. $2.99/minute

5 / 5 from reviews


Intuitive Psychic with free connection time with Honest Answers for Love, Career, Peace and Harmony $1.99/minute

5 / 5 from reviews

Gray Lyndin

Natural born psychic medium with astounding accuracy! If you seek the truth you have come to the right place! Return to Liveperson Special! $1.99 $1.99/minute

5 / 5 from reviews

Angelic Zoie

Angel Reader & Psychic Seerer, Friendly and Non-Judgmental, Honest and Accurate Readings with Love & Light $4.88/minute

4.73 / 5 from reviews

Sabastian Firesage

I am a psychic empath specialising in clairvoyant assistance and intervention to help you gain the insight you need. $1.99/minute

4.56 / 5 from reviews

Honest Psychic Reader

20 Years Experience reader, Gifted in all matters of life. No Sugarcoating. Honest & real readings $2/minute

5 / 5 from reviews


Receive superior service and accurate, insightful readings. Beautiful things are meant to happen to you. Find your way to see clearly now and embrace your joys, laughter, successes, and triumphs with arms open wide to receive them. $10.99/minute

3 / 5 from reviews

Tarot Truths

Back after a long absence - special pricing for 2015 - I look forward to working with you $3.45/minute

4.95 / 5 from reviews


If You Are Lost In Your Love, Money or Health I Will Guide You In The Right Direction.Just One Reading Will Amazed You $1.99/minute

4.25 / 5 from reviews

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