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Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone see our names if we air out our differences here?
Your information can be completely anonymous on SideTaker.com if your choose the text option. If you add your side as video or audio then you're gonna be seen or heard (obviously).

What's a side?
There are 2 sides to every argument. Each person gets to tell theirs :)

How do you create a side on this site?
Simply click the 'ADD ARGUMENT' link above, create a free account (or connect with facebook), and begin entering your story. Once you're satisfied with your side, you save it and a unique invitation link is generated which you email to the person you wish to enter side 2. The link allows them access to enter their side of the argument. Once both sides are entered, the story is published live for people of the world to decide on.

I don't respond well to criticism. Should I add my side?
The commenters will judge their decision based on what you write, say, and, if video, act. If you're in the wrong, they will call you on it. These aren't your friends being nice for the sake of your feelings; you will get people's honest opinions of your situation and if you don't think you can handle it, don't post it.

Is this site only for major fights?
Definitely not...this site is designed for any argument! Even the smallest of fights can turn into major problems. If you think you're right and your significant other disagrees, let the people decide!

Can we fight about anything?
Yes! Any disagreement is valid here. Know someone that's OK with the Mosque being built in NYC and you're not? Post your sides. Your friend says the Jersey Shore cast are REAL celebrities? Your bestest likes Jacob over Edward? Oh no! But seriously, if you got valid points and you can't settle it between the two of you, let the world decide.

How long does my story run?
All stories have an initial run of 10 days. However, if your story becomes popular, that run will increase by 7 days and your story will stay open for voting for an increased amount of time.

Should I ask a question or start a side?
If you think the person you are having the argument will respond to your invitation and add their side to your story then by all means start a side. If you don't, tell your side by asking a question. Either way your side will be told, but if your invitation is not responded to, it will not go public.

Do I need to invite someone or have a Side 2 to a story?
It's best for more personal arguments; however, you have many options including the opening up of your story to the public allowing any sidetaker to 'pick it up' to add the second side, invite a specific sidetaker, invite via email, or, if logged in with facebook, using their friend invite options.

What is the idea behind SideTaker.com?
In a fight, each person has their side and are usually backed by their friends (on either side). When you can create a jury of anonymous peers to decide who is right or wrong in an argument, then the bias is gone.

Do you guarantee results?
SideTaker.com is not meant to be the primary resolving factor for an argument, so no. It's just a tool that can show what people you don't personally know to be right about your current state of affairs.

Am I still anonymous with facebook?
You are still in control of what is seen on the site and what is posted to your news feed. You can use your real name on SideTaker but you'll also create a username that you can use with an avatar you upload.

How does the share bounty work?
For every real share (facebook, twitter, email, etc.) through the website (any of the share icons or popups), a small cash amount is added to the bounty. Any piece of content can be shared (side, question, debatable, impression, or poll) and the bounty will grow. Once it reaches $100, it will either continue to grow or randomly be awarded on a day after the $100 threshold is passed. Sidetakers are awarded participation points for things they do on the website (create a side, ask a question, make a comment, vote, etc.). All points are tallied into a site participation score which act like tickets. So, when it comes time to award the share bounty, each sidetaker has their participation score's amount of tickets over all other sidetakers' tickets chance of being randomly selected to receive the bounty! Then, one sidetaker is awarded the current bounty vis PayPal while a new bounty begins and the cycle repeats!

Why does the bounty always lose value from the day prior?
The share bounty will increase on the anticipation the user is going to share. However, this is not always the case and sometimes the user doesn't actually share the content (just exits the popup). Once a day the share bounty figure is adjusted based on the actual shares from the previous day. It will always adjust down unless everyone who opens a sharing window actually shares.

Can I receive the share bounty if I'm not a sidetaker (just browsing)?
Sorry, you can't...and that's because you'd have no participation score (meaning no tickets or chances)! You're welcome to share content you find interesting and it will increase the share bounty for others; however, you won't benefit yourself!

Will you be adding anything else?
Got any ideas? We'd love to hear 'em! Send us an email.

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