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mediclady2003 asks

I haven't felt like having sex with my husband lately and he has been getting mad at me. What do I do?  

Marriage | Closed

I was laid off from my job about six months ago, and haven't been able to find another job. My husband was laid off also shortly after I was. We worked for the same company. We have financial difficulties and all that goes along with two people being out of work. A sibling of my husbands died unexpectedly at the end of the summer. With all that been going on lately, I just have not felt like having sex. I just feel blah. We were on the verge of being evicted, til a family member helped to bail us out. Now I'm being told that since that was taken care of I shouldn't have a reason to be depressed or I should just get over it. SEX? How? someone explain please...

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