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lynds asks

Would you think your loyalties as a daughter and good fried would entitle you to a share of unexpected£200,00  

Family (Extended) | Closed

My parents recently came in to good fortune of just under £200,000 and it couldnt of happend to a more deserving couple in my opinion. I believe I was brought up with good family values, such as putting others first, thoughtfulness regarding others, kindess and consideration. I thought my parents were the same, they always seemed believing. I bend over backwards for my parents and especially as my dads disabled. I really dont think I have accepted my dads physical disability, which is pretty bad! Following the words of my dad "Family Support" I tried to up-keep never saying no to any issues that may arise. Helping with family problems, household tasks, ad even very serious matters, that I know my own boyfriend would not entertain with his family. I put alot of time, energy and effort in to my parents and quite often went that extra mile.

After my parents recieving this extra windfall, I thought great my dad has the power to make my sister, me and mums dreams come true or at least make life a bit comfortable.

My boyfriend and I have £8,000 debt, and I know its not a great deal of debt, but I have not been in employment for 3 years, I just cant seem to find my feet. I made a wrong choice once and things staggered down hill and before I realised it 3 years had passed by and sometimes I just dont know where to turn.

My dad kindly gave me £5,000 and said "I wish I could help more" I gave the £5,000 to my boyfriend as some sort of gesture for having no employment.

My sister on the other hand also recieved £5,000 and because she is 10 years younger at 21, she still stays with parents and she doent have any debt. What a nice xmas she is going to have and to be honest my parents never relied on her as much as me as she was to young. I love my sister, and she deserves everything lovely she gets out of lfe.

Why is it though that I feel cheated by my parents? I am pretty much like a hermit and barely go out, and have little hobbies. Would you not think to recieve a sum of money like this, you would want to share the love and to give your family choice which is a beautiful thing?

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