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SunHasSet asks

Should I shave my butt before I go to jail (serious hygiene question)?  

General | Closed

Ok basically I got in trouble and have to serve 15 days in jail. My problem is really my hairy butt. I hate the fact that it's hairier than most because it causes me to wipe perfusely when I go to the bathroom just to get it clean. But it will still chaffe if it's not 100% clean. If I clean it up by shaving it, it's like a fresh baby bottom and easy enough to wipe.

My problem is I will be hovering over the jail toilet to poop (they are disgusting) so I think shaving would be great since I could be in and out. But then I have to shower in public with all the other inmates. I'm afraid if they see my polished and manicured bum I will become a target.

Am I just being stupid to think that or should I just go for comfort while I'm there?

Also not gay so I wouldn't enjoy stares or come ons.

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