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sidetaker Share Bounty

Share Stuff. It Grows. Someone Wins It.

How It Works

  • Money from ads supply the bounty.

  • Every share (social & email) grows the bounty.

  • Each sidetaker gets tickets based on their site score.

  • One sidetaker is chosen randomly to receive the bounty!

  • The whole cycle repeats again...

Note the share bounty updates in real time based on assumption but is adjusted daily based on actual numbers (real shares).
Not all people share so it will usually adjust down.


How does the share bounty work?
For every real share (facebook, twitter, email, etc.) through the website (any of the share icons or popups), a small cash amount is added to the bounty. Any piece of content can be shared (side, question, debatable, impression, or poll) and the bounty will grow. Once it reaches $100, it will either continue to grow or randomly be awarded on a day after the $100 threshold is passed. Sidetakers are awarded participation points for things they do on the website (create a side, ask a question, make a comment, vote, etc.). All points are tallied into a site participation score which act like tickets. So, when it comes time to award the share bounty, each sidetaker has their participation score's amount of tickets over all other sidetakers' tickets chance of being randomly selected to receive the bounty! Then, one sidetaker is awarded the current bounty vis PayPal while a new bounty begins and the cycle repeats!

Why does the bounty always lose value from the day prior?
The share bounty will increase on the anticipation the user is going to share. However, this is not always the case and sometimes the user doesn't actually share the content (just exits the popup). Once a day the share bounty figure is adjusted based on the actual shares from the previous day. It will always adjust down unless everyone who opens a sharing window actually shares.

Can I receive the share bounty if I'm not a sidetaker (just browsing)?
Sorry, you can't...and that's because you'd have no participation score (meaning no tickets or chances)! You're welcome to share content you find interesting and it will increase the share bounty for others; however, you won't benefit yourself!

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