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Leave It, It's Soaking.    

Side 2 by ludite

In my house, I am the dishwasher.
Once a guy asked me where I learned how to fight and I said "washing dishes".
You know what the toughest thing about washing dishes is?
The moment you realize you have to wash the dishes and then you have to stick your hand into a cold mucky sink full of crap to pop the drain. Then you have to rinse off your arm, then rinse and stack the plates before you clean out the drain and scrub the sink. That's before you even get started.
I say "don't plug up the sink with dirty dishes and mucky water". That's what I say.
Rinse it and stack it and I'll get to it.
That way you can still use the sink to get a glass of water or brush your teeth late at night.

Side 1 by Bianco

I like soaking dishes in the sink, which drives my husband crazy. The way I see it, soaking your dishes, while it doesn't look as pleasant, helps to ease the job of doing dishes later, keeps the counters clear for prep (epecially in our 490 sq ft apartment), and saves water. In fact, just walking out the door today, I grabbed a fork with a stuck on crust, which most definitely came from a quick wash job of caked on stacks of un-soaked dishes! I have to say, I'm not great at getting the dishes done right away, maybe not even for a day or two, so a soak is my way of making doing dishes quicker, easier and more environmentally friendly.

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