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Women Drivers Are Terrible    

Side 2 by thedriver

I don't think all women drivers are bad, but you do have your share. I don't consider speeding tickets bad driving. The wreck was caused by the downpour I was driving through and I hydroplaned into the median. But to get to the reasons I don't like your driving. You hesitate at every 4-way. You're not aggressive enough and when merging you almost cause wrecks. You dont even drive the speed limit. I guess I might be with my problems but your driving just scares the hell out of me!

Side 1 by Hopeless

That's what he tells me. I like to drive and every time my hubby and I go anywhere he always insists he drives. He thinks because he is a man he is the better driver. The problem with his thinking is he has wrecked a car and had 2 speeding tickets since we've been together. I haven't had any.

I don't care if he drives short distances, but on trips over a few hours like to the beach, I would like to split it up so I'm not completely bored. I just think he doesn't want to be bored himself! Anyway, if anything, I'd like him to understand women are just as good as men at driving.

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