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My Husband Says I Don't Listen To Him    

Side 2 by jkr2585

"I'm i wrong if when I'm trying to explain to her the way i think something should go with the direction right their and she is talking while I'm try to explain it so i get frustrated with her. She makes a simple thing very difficult."

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"This is not the first time we had this discussion, she has always been hardheaded and never listen to me about anything that we were discussing.I had to come back and tell her again and again, to practice being orderly and if will become a habit. but it will work for a wile and then stop what should i do?"

Side 1 by 41redeva

My husband came home today and told me about this website. Before we can set up the page we were disagreeing on what the story title how it should be worded. As he was explaining it to me i Was not understanding about the webcam of course I relaized i wasn't listening all I was doing hearing what I want too. Some time we argue about very simple things of course UI feel like he argumentative at time.

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