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Ex-boyfriend Problems    

Side 2 by brn82

Her ex is ALWAYS at her house. Her stupid sister doesn't seem to understand that it makes me really uncomfortable knowing that a guy that my girlfriend slept with before me is always around her and she's always hanging out with him. She tries to tell me that "he's just my sister's friend" but she slept with him before so i know it's more than that. i hate when he comes over and I think he shouldn't be there when I'm there

Side 1 by Kylgh27

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. Before we started dating, I dated my sister's best friend (he's a guy). My sister and this guy are still best friends, and he often comes over to our house, sometimes while my boyfriend is there. My boyfriend doesn't seem to understand that to me, my ex is nothing more than a friend of my sister's, and I don't care about him anymore, but any time my ex comes over, my boyfriend gets all mad and either leaves, or is in a bad mood for the rest of the day.


Just for clarification - my sister and I live together.
updated 8 years ago

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