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Where Do We Live Drama's    

Side 2 by MrStuck

We have lived where we have lived for 4 years now.

My parents are 3 hours away by a car trip and hers are 4 hours away by a plane.
The reason i don't want to move is that there is no point being in one place or the other.

Where we are right now is accessible to both if we move then i will no longer be able to see my family as it will be a 4 hour plane trip, cost of a hire car and 3 hour car trip there and three hour car trip back.

It just seems easier to save up the money to fly to see her family 3 or so times a year and still be able to see my family once every couple of months.

I don't think its unreasonable and do understand she misses her family but they can pay to fly over here to if they really miss her that much too but they don't!

Side 1 by missstuck

My husband and I have known each other since 2002. And lived together for 4 years.

I have lived away from my mother and sisters for 8 years now and am starting to want to move closer to them, the only problem is they are on the other side of the country.

His mother doesn't even like him living 3 hours away so she would like us living over 3000km's away. I just don't think its fair we can go to see his family whenever because its only a 3 hour drive, to go see my family is at least a 4 hour plane trip which isn't cheap.

my question is do we stay closer to his family for the sake of keeping his mother happy, or do we move closer to my family to keep me happy??

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