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Pregnant & Golf    

Side 2 by JM12345

My selfish husband doesn't think about anyone but himself. He wants to drive 2 hours away to golf with a bunch of his old friends while I'm left home 9 months pregnant with two boys and a crazy house. I'm 7 months now, very uncomfortable, and I'm already having a very hard time doing routine things. I am shocked that he would be willing to leave me when there's a chance I could deliver early (as I had done with my last son). What if I need to go to the hospital and I can't get a hold of him, or he gets caught in traffic, or who knows what could happen.

Side 1 by matt1234

I'd like to attend a golf outing with a bunch of old college buddies, but my wife is adamant that I don't go and is calling me selfish for even thinking about going. The outing is three days before the baby and her scheduled c-section. It is also a two hour drive away, and she is worried that I'd be unavailable, out of reach, and/or unable to get to her if the baby came early. She had a rough pregnancy with our last boy, was on bed rest for 2 months, and needs to take it easy for these last two upcoming months of the current pregnancy. I don't want to leave her by herself, about to burst, with our two boys, dogs, etc. while I golf, so I wondered if she'd be cool if her mother and/or brother would help out while I'm gone - which they love to do by the way. The way I look at it is that I don't get out much at all anymore, and things are going to get crazy busy for me once the baby arrives ~ especially since she'll be unable to do much for 1-3 weeks after the c-section while I assume almost all the kid, house, school, lawn, dog, etc. duties. Also, as for being 2 hrs away, I'll have my cell, and could be back in 2 hrs tops if anything were to happen.

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