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Swears In Front Of My Parents    

Side 2 by shogunz

She has no clue what her dad and I talk about. She would sh*t. Seriously - her dad behind closed doors talks about girls his daughter's age and how nice there asses are and how it'd be great to be young again. I find it funny she doesn't know her own dad well enough that he swears more than anyone I know.

It's not that I won't quit swearing. It is that she would never stand up to them for me. she just said she would dump me if they didn't approve. My parents aren't all that into her either but at least i defend her.

So yeah when she does what i ask i will stop profanity swearing.

Side 1 by richgrrl

Together 3 years, Greg thinks it's now ok to drop the f-bomb and cuss out the tv while he and my dad are watching football. My dad doesn't even do it in front of my mom. He tells me I need to grow up and it's just words. It's a big deal to me because my parents are still iffy about him. He doesn't get that he's hurting his chances because I won't be with someone my parents don't approve of. It wil just cause problems down the road. Tell him to give up the swearing and get some respect.

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