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Ex-Boyfriend Texting My Girlfriend    

Side 2 by justtrustme

First of all, he shouldn't have gone through my phone. It really annoys me that he doesn't trust me enough to do that. He didn't even know the whole story. My ex texted me first. I just responded and asked him what he was doing last night. He then replied with the sex message. I replied but gave him absolutely no hope of that ever going to happen.

I just feel betrayed. I don't like possessive guys and I think by what he did I'm starting to believe he might be. I really don't want to believe it and I hope he isn't. He did apologize.

So am I wrong to be pissed he looked in my phone? This whole thing wouldn't have even happened if he just respected and trusted me.

Side 1 by confuuused

We've been dating for 2 months and went out last night to this place in Austin. Anyway, she got really drunk and then sick so I had to help her to bed. She was acting distant and was being shady with her phone texting people. Usually she would tell me but last night she didn't. So after she was passed out, I checked her text messages.

She didn't tell me her ex-boyfriend and her were texting back and forth. One of his texts said 'thought i was gonna profanity you tonight but i guess not.' I got pissed, woke her up and told her about it. I was very pissed.

She told me it was profanity I was going through her phone. I admit I wasn't respecting her privacy but at the same time I thought what if I hadn't caught it and it escalated.

Things were ok between us today but I just can't help but feel if a little bit of trust was lost on both sides. I admit I have trust issues since both of my past serious girlfriends have cheated on me. I really want NOT to have them and am really trying. I just feel if the tables were turned and my ex sent the same text and I didn't tell her and she found out, she would have a similar reaction. I truly 100% love this girl and always want to be with her but I don't want things like this to cause us to fight. I just wish she was open about it with me instead of hiding it.

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