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Being Honest    

Side 2 by try2forgive

We had a fight. We didn't break up over it...at least I didn't think so. She had no right to be that extreme in what she did and I will have a tough time trusting her anytime soon. I think I need some time. I love her but I am just so hurt over all this. The only thing going for her right now is that she was honest and told me before I found out. I hate being alone on Thanksgiving too but it's better than living the lie that I'm happy about what she did. Time will tell with us.

Side 1 by luckygirl

I've been seeing my boyfriend for 8 months. I recently had a fight with him and ended up going out and hooking up with another guy. We didn't have sex but it got close. I know I made a HUGE mistake. I felt terrible after it. I told my boyfriend after we made up and he can't get over it. I am SO SORRY and it was a mistake and I want to make it work. It was stupid and now I'm going to be alone for the holidays because he said he needs time. I don't want to lose him but I think I might. I'm asking for his forgiveness and I need to know if I deserve it.

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