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  • commented on the question about my seminar presentation
    "A.L.L and the Pediatric patients. (I don't know) :) Good luck."
  • commented on the question What Should he do?
    "I know someone so much like this girl. She drinks and she flirts and she gets herself into situations that are not only NOT smart but down right dangerous too. Your friend sounds like he just doesn't know what to do when the answers are right there staring him in the face, she's not right for him right now. Maybe one day when she grows up she will be but at this time in her life her worry isn't about him like it should be, but rather how much fun she can have and the text with other guys, leaving with men she doesn't even know, wow, stupid! and then when he questions her about it she will turn it around and make it like it's no big deal and he's being stupid! His best bet is to sit her down, tell her how he feels and why and ask her just what she wants from the relationship. Tell her what he wants and how he thinks things should be going and if she tells him he's being boring, stupid, no fun, that's letting him know right now that she isn't ready for a strong happy committed relationship, but I think he knows this already. Better to quit now and start healing because he's just delaying it. He already is feeling the pain. I hope he finds the answers he needs. My answer for him is to dump her! He deserves better. "
  • commented on the question Am I wasting my time with this girl? (See details.)
    "6 months isn't long enough. You're so busy as it is, being married is a full time job in and of itself. Why not keep things as they are? I think this relationship will peter out before long, you're mature and committed to a life of hard work, she's still at home with her parents. I don't know what her maturity level is but great sex isn't enough for a great relationship to work. You're life is only going to get busier and busier. What you don't need is a full time relationship to keep track of as well. You say the word love, then you say the word like, which is it? I'd say for sure it's like! Like isn't ready for marriage. Take care and just have fun, let it roll as it would, and what happens, happens."
  • had the best answer to the question Should I give him another chance ?
  • commented on the question My friend is mean.
    "Get a new friend."
  • had the best answer to the question Is it wrong to ask her to cut off ties with her ex?
  • commented on the question Why is he getting so angry at me all the time, and is he justified or is he being unreasonable?
    "You're right! It was fine when he was the one working more hours and bring in more money, and you were the one doing all the house c h o r e s (ridiculous we have to spell it that way ST!) I bet he's not feeling like a man, maybe deep down he feels housework is womans work! Try and have a reasonable talk with him about how he is behaving and how it makes you feel. Don't accuse or point fingers just say how you feel and why. Maybe tell him to take some of his income and hire out the work he doesn't want to do. But goodness... it's housework and cooking not brain surgery. I wonder how he would have acted had you behaved in the manner he has? "
  • replied to a comment on the question Troubleshooting an unreasonable boyfriend?
    "Yep. Now to take your own advice. :-) Easy to know what to say and what to do but so much harder to actually do it yourself. I think this, when you know you deserve better, you'll get better. "
  • commented on the question Troubleshooting an unreasonable boyfriend?
    "Stop considering it and just do it already! He's an idiot and you are too if you stay with him. He acts jealous because he assumes you are doing the exact same crap he is. If you stay with him, stop harping on the past. It's over! It's done. He can't undo it even if he wanted to. You choice to stay with him even though he hurt you. You let him know exactly how he can treat you. You have all the answers right there in your post. You already know what to do but if you want someone else to make the decision for you, consider it made! Good luck, and next time around, find a man that is truthful and trust worthy. "
  • replied to a comment on the question Does anyone know any good information on the science of love and/or the science of attraction?
    "I also remember reading that men liked a curvy woman with larger hips because it was a sign of her being able to carry children to term and give birth easier. Hmmm. Have you known people who fall in and out of love every 3 months because the crave the release of those hormones? As soon as they fade they're off and running to next person. How exhausting. lol"
  • replied to a comment on the question Does anyone know any good information on the science of love and/or the science of attraction?
    "Shallow meaningless sex. Hmmmmmmmm. I never did that. lol. "
  • replied to a comment on the question Should I feel guilty about this?
    "And that is the beauty of all the different points of views. It's not about best answer, it's about being helpful. I'm happy you were helped. Good luck in everything."
  • replied to a comment on the question My fiance at the movies with a woman
    "I know Mernie, ST have some work to do. :-) And I agree with your statement. So true. "
  • replied to a comment on the question Should I give him another chance ?
    "Straight and to the point. I like that! And agree. I love words and often write too much. lol"
  • replied to a comment on the question Should I feel guilty about this?
    "Guilt implies intent. You didn't intent to flirt, therefore you are not guilty. Believe me, he is not hanging on to this like you are! It's over.. let it be over."
  • replied to a comment on the question My fiance at the movies with a woman
    "Mine simply wouldn't, it would not be okay with me anymore than it'd would be okay with him if I went with a man. If it's not okay with you and it's clearly not, you two have to sit down, talk about the way things should be from now on, things that you both agree to and stick with it. He lied, he got caught, do you not believe he is sorry? I know, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! I get that. Ask yourself this, is he worth giving another chance? He broke your trust, but let him make amends and don't make him pay the price for his screw up for the rest of his life. Or get even and go to the movies with a man! Childish but it might make you feel better. :-)) Just saying."
  • commented on the question Should I give him another chance ?
    " Listen I hate snoops, you did it and now you can't un-see what you saw. He asking women why they don't want to kiss him? And naked females on his phone? Well you have every right to be upset with him and yourself. You must have had some inkling that he couldn't be trusted or you wouldn't have snooped in the first place. You did, you're hurt, he's not saying he's sorry and you're having his baby. WOW! If it wasn't for the baby I'd say forget him, but there is a baby and you and he need to sit down and figure this out. You have to state what you want from him and he needs to do the same about you! If you can't trust each other and obviously neither of you can anymore you have to start over and try building that trust back. DO NOT ever say you don't want to exist anymore because a man did you wrong! You have a child to think about now and that child needs parents that have their heads screwed on straight. Stand up and be strong, you get what you ask for in this life. He's mad not only because you snooped but because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.. if it was just looking at naked females I'd say.. yea well.. normal, but having their pictures saved and asking about kisses, he's even less trustworthy than you are. Give him his time alone, let him think about what he's going to lose. DO NOT chase after him...if and when he calls, tell him you're sorry for snooping and tell him why you did. If he can't be a man and tell you that he's sorry for hurting you and explain his behavior and let you know that he won't do it again you need to consider whether this man is worth all your tears, because honey you can be sure of this, if he doesn't change, there will be plenty more tears to come! Good luck"
  • replied to a comment on the question Does anyone know any good information on the science of love and/or the science of attraction?
    "Love truly is about being kind and respectful even when you're upset with the person. When you lower yourself to name calling and hitting, you never get past that. Everyone has disagreements, it's how you handle them that determines if this love will be great or just another relationship. Kindness! It goes on forever, it starts out your day right and passes on to everyone you touch. Just as violence does. Skye you are a kind loving spirit. I feel that about you. You will find that special person and you will go through happy times, sad times, easy and rough times, your love many even falter now and then and you'll wonder about it but when you look, really see the one you love with an open heart, you'll know, you'll just know he's it! :-) My philosophy, always treat everyone as you want to be treated, and the love in your life, treat them even better than you want to be treated, it comes back to you wonderfully. :-) And I agree with choosing too, I chose each and every day to be the best wife I can be. I chose to love him more today than I did yesterday. I chose to be patient and kind. I chose to him, everyday. It's wonderful. Best of luck to you in love and life. "
  • replied to a comment on the question Does anyone know any good information on the science of love and/or the science of attraction?
    "I have the best man for me and I am the best woman for him and I could not be happier than I am with him right now. I always wonder how each year could be better than the one before, but it is. It's what I dreamed love should be like. If everyone could have what we do it would be a happy world for sure. I know I sound sappy but even after all this time, and it's gone so fast, way to fast, I still wake up beside him every morning and smile and I go to bed each night with him holding me and feel loved, treasured, safe and secure. I know before him I was passing through life slowly and wishing time would hurry up.. now time is moving to quickly, and I want it to slow down. I never want this love to end and one day one of us will be gone, I can't imagine our hearts surviving, but people do. Maybe we'll be so old we'll just go out together in our sleep holding hands. What a nice thought.. like the movie, The Notebook but without the Alzheimer's. "
  • commented on the question Should I feel guilty about this?
    "I don't flirt, nor do I like it when men "try" to flirt with me. I ignore it. I am married, I love my husband, he's the only one I want to flirt with and to flirt with me. Most men who try flirting with me are married and I find it very disrespectful to their wives. I behave with other men just as I would if my husband was standing there beside me. :) I'm friendly, but I have a wall that says, I'm taken, back off! "
  • replied to a comment on the question My fiance at the movies with a woman
    "Sorry, this reply belonged under jrrc's reply to Mernie. :-))"
  • replied to a comment on the question My fiance at the movies with a woman
    "I agree with Mernie! She doesn't sound like she's 15 at all, she sounds like a reasonable adult. You're the one who sounds young and immature. You're controlling and if you can't trust him it says more about you than it does him. Think about that one."
  • commented on the question My fiance at the movies with a woman
    "OMG! Ridiculous is all I can say, both of you, you for your over jealousy and that stupid comment about not being able to step foot in a theater again and his fit trying to prove to you how much he loves you by breaking things and crying! WTH? Yes he lied, but d*mn the way you over react, he was probably scared to death to let you know the truth. He should have just told you and let the card fall where they may, they did anyway!!! Grow up.. both of you!"
  • replied to a comment on the question Undercover Boyfriend
    "You're right. Today kids think 10 months is a life time, to them it might be. They go through relationships so easily. They're sleeping with each other within days of meeting, moving in within months, marriage before a year is up and divorced in less than 2. 10 months is forever! lol. "
  • replied to a comment on the question Does anyone know any good information on the science of love and/or the science of attraction?
    "I have this to add too. When I was dating my first husband I met the man who would be my second husband. Our chemistry was so strong, I felt it, I knew he felt it but I walked away and he didn't pursue me because I was "taken". However, I ran into him many times and those strong sexual feelings were always there but by then I was married. We never acted on those feelings and though I knew I had them I by then thought he was over them. He wasn't. :) My first marriage ended not because we hated each other but because we cared enough about each other to end it. A year later I ran into my now husband again. He'd never married, he'd been in relationships, engaged twice but he knew something wasn't right. Then I was free and he was able to say what he'd always wanted to say and so did I, and that was the end of us being single. :-)) I had never nor will ever love anyone as I do him and I know he feels exactly the same way, all those years we missed out on but I can't regret them because I learned so much from my first husband and he's a good man, and our daughter would never be a mistake but sometimes I think, what if? I guess that's normal. "

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