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  • added the text side 1 to the story We Aren't Having Sex And He's Sexually Frustrated
  • commented on the story Not Moving Fast Enough
    "It's not about competing with friends. Either you want a life long committed relationship or you don't. And kids should probably be had before 30, for her anyway, she's at prime age for children, less likely to have complications and able to keep up with them before aging sets in. Also, don't wait for superficial things like career advancements and owning a house, that may never happen and children give you more incentive to do better in life. Anyway, sounds like she knows what she wants and he isn't willing to give it. So I'd say she's right but he shouldn't be stringing her along if he won't give her what she wants."
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  • commented on the story Is This Cheating? I Think So.
    "No she is 100% compromising the relationship. In fact I'd watch out for any big fights, if she can use an excuse that you were fighting and she thought you'd broken up, then she'll run into the arms of this other guy and then pretend she did nothing wrong. I would in fact break up with her because she is already looking for someone different than you. Sorry"
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  • commented on the story Boyfriend Is Never Happy With What He's Got
    "I think I can understand where both sides are coming from. But Wetnoodle definitely is affected by Almostsomebody's very negative attitude. I mean look at the difference in how they both write. He seems to hate the world, like he can't find any joy in his life at all. And if she is a huge part of his life how else is she supposed to feel other than unappreciated and unwanted. Almostsomebody needs to take stock of what he has rather than what he doesn't have, monetary gains should not come before their love."
  • voted for wetnoodle (side 1) on the story Boyfriend Is Never Happy With What He's Got

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