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MS, LMHC, BCBA :: Expert In Breaking Up & Divorce

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About Me

I will work with you to the best of my abilities to assist you in making the changes you so desire in your life.
It is my sincere hope that together we can establish a solid foundation where you begin to masterfully create and sculpt your hopes, dreams and desires into reality. Through the effective use of therapeutic tools, I can make this happen for you.
This is your life! You deserve all that you seek to obtain. Let's focus on YOU and identify what path is the best choice for you. We will consider your individual needs, identify realistic obstacles you face and discover and implement healthy alternatives.
I utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques as well as focusing on implementing appropriate coping skills and working on issues with core beliefs to help each person obtain healthy relationships and if necessary, end relationships that are toxic.


Licenses and Certifications:

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Education and Degrees:

Florida State University-Bachelor Degree-Psychology (1995)

Troy State University Dothan-Master of Science Degree-Foundations of Education/Psychology (1998)


I have over 16 years experience providing counseling and therapy in institutional, educational and private practice settings. My patients describe me as being down to earth, direct, easy to talk to and understanding.
I look forward to meeting you!

Latest 25 Of 550 Reviews

November 13, 2016
Thank you

January 10, 2013
What more can I say?

January 10, 2013
Always there and supportive no mattter what you reveal...

November 4, 2012
Can I tell you all how awesome Teresa is to her clients. I haven't talked to her in some time, but she knows and remembers my situation right away and that is comforting to not have to re-explain everything. I feel safe and secure with her tough, but right and gentle counsel. I would recommend that if you are in a tough spot in life that you contact her because she brings light to the dark.

September 6, 2012
tough love, but it gave me what i needed for now.

September 3, 2012
Friendly, insightful, learned alot! Thanks!

April 14, 2012
Great thanks

March 28, 2012
Amazing insight!!!

March 28, 2012
Great advice!!!!

March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012
great insight! Good advice!

January 19, 2012
Very good session. Wow in just a short time.

December 19, 2011
Teresa has been an important part of my pusuit of happiness- offering valuable, tangible insights that WORK! I am regularly amazed.....and always thankful.

October 23, 2011
Teresa was great. Cool, funny, sweet.

September 7, 2011
Teresa is always very helpful. She will shoot straight with you and I like that

July 24, 2011
Amazing as always!!!

July 12, 2011
Awesome plain and simple

July 9, 2011
Very concise, helpful, and cut to the chase with my feelings. I have to admit I cried. :)

June 15, 2011
Teresa is exceptionally gifted at listening, helping to put things into perspective and providing a way forward. Once again, she has helped me to get through a very difficult time and I thank her profusely for the wonderful support and guidance that she always provides.

June 6, 2011
excellent very helpful

May 22, 2011
Excellent as always

May 21, 2011
Every time I have a session with Teresa I learn things that are incredibly valuable in terms of being happier and having a better life. It is simply amazing, and so appreciated!

May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

March 17, 2011
excellent, quick, to the point!

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