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About Me

A certified coach and experienced counselor, I work with women who want to move beyond their fears, set goals, and achieve their dreams. Rather than focusing on the past, we develop self-esteem and confidence by concentrating on present achievements and the future.


BA (Hons); MA; Ph.D. candidate


Born in England, and now settled in the United States, I am truly lucky to have traveled far and wide.
The strongest influences in my life have always been women – my mother, friends, family, teachers – and so it is only natural that I should now become a life coach for women. I entered university, but not before living in the Bavarian Alps for a summer. This first taste of overseas living left me thirsting for more and so I spent my junior year of college braving the wintry cold of Iowa. As well as hitting the books, I trained as a counselor and began teaching young children and international students.

After graduation, it was time for me to move again. I spent the next three years living in a small town in rural Japan working as a school teacher. Those three years profoundly influenced my life. In addition to meeting my future husband there, I developed a love of the culture that continues to this day.

From Japan to Iowa again, where I entered a Ph.D. program in Women’s Studies and Japanese. I volunteered for several women-focused nonprofits and served on the Board of Directors for a women’s clinic. I then took a teaching position at the University of Kentucky and moved to my husband’s home state. Lexington has been my home since 2001 and live there with my husband and our two dogs.

Teaching and counseling have been the two constants through my professional life and so being a coach was a natural progression for me. My goal as a life coach for women is to help you develop your dreams and live them, just as I am living mine.