Inspiration Coach Michael

Expert In Building Self-Esteem


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About Me

Everyone has a reason in life.
Mine... Is helping people.
For the past 25+ years I have been helping guide people in need help motivate/inspire and to teach them Positive "Feeling Good" approaches on life.
I have worked on Horizions Support Groups and many others to help make a difference in peoples lives regardless of color, age, race or etc you become part of mine.
Let's work together on positive light and release what you have inside to me with 100% confidentiality and trust in a passionate manner.
We can discuss your dreams, hopes, desires, issues and problems to help that weight off of your shoulders onto a brighter tomorrow.
Let it begin with you. As you deserve it.


25+ Years of Coaching, Training people on the art of "Feeling Good".
Certified Life Coach from American University of NLP.


Trained with the best Neurologists/Psychiatrists/Psychologists on Depression/Positive Thinking/Meditation and brain focusing techniques/exercises to use in ADD/ADHD and many more in addition to group sessions/One-on-One motivational sessions for you to use.