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Expert In Building Self-Esteem

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About Me

"Innate self-esteem" already exists. Explore this possibility. I can help you uncover the innate self-esteem already inside of you..
My services facilitate powerful, positive sustainable change via:
- Deep insight into the dimension BEFORE thought. This is the missing piece that taps the power of thought at its source. Since thought creates all human experience and performance, accessing this innately healthy dimension is critical for optimal self-esteem.
- Physiologically energizing and awakening the part of the brain correlated with healthy self-esteem.




Licensed Psychologist (Minnesota) 30+ years experience providing:
- Personal development, mental health and addictions services
- Professional training, education and supervision
- Public speaking

Three Principles (Mind-Consciousness-Thought)
- Published pioneer for three decades
- Trainer
- Coach

Higher Brain Living
- Advanced Facilitator
- National Presenter
- Facilitator Trainer
- Director of Professional Outreach & Education

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March 2, 2017
Really great and easy to talk to, helped me clear my mind and find peace with many issues I was facing.

March 2, 2016
Good man. Fine professional.

February 14, 2016
Craig was an outstanding counselor, who was genuine, compassionate, and very attuned to my feelings. He was extremely patient as I tried to share what was on my mind. Helpful and gave me so much insight! :) Thank you!