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About Me

My work is to facilitate a working knowledge of self- you. The interactive participation of my sessions provides a comfort level for working on issues in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. This environment helps the participants to form the basis for making reasonable decisions to live a healthy life. The sessions' content is concerned with mind, body, traditions, and spirit. It is out of years of experience that I believe that these are the things that make us truly the humans that we were designed to be. They help us to gauge our levels of humanity in relation to others and ourselves on this planet. Managing this dynamic movement is the core work of our being. It is the balance that we need and strive for. Dynamic balance does not mean still. It is a constant moving and allowance process. With this, I respectfully approach this work with open arms and a willingness to embrace all content as presented with the spirit of hope, joy, and love. With me as your life coach wonderful success is yours.
The work in any of the sessions is about you. The engagement is to help you to discover ways to feel better or differently about yourself creating a reasonable balance between you and your environment. Learn ways to honor your past, define and celebrate your current reality. Oh! what a relief it will be to lessen the grip of self-conflict by owning your emotions and responses. Be ready to embrace your future no matter what it brings. You will learn to safely seek applause as well as give it knowing that it is always there for you. If you don’t hear it from others, then with out reservation, put your own hands together.
All sessions embodies openness and honesty appreciating that the greatest thing to know about yourself is to know what you need. That is where your greatness lives. Let’s visit this place together and I know that understanding and compassion can be found. These are two of our basic working tools to create the balance needed for acceptance and change. Work with me as your Life Coach and develop a positive self-concept and project the powerful images and relationships that you need to be successful in all areas of your life.


A liberal arts BA degree with a concentration in social work. I have an M.A. in training and development concentrating on personal development. I completed an intensive training program from an established self-esteem institute qualifying me as a self-esteem specialist. Over the past 20 years, I have been awarded program certificates for successful participation in workshops, seminars, and panel discussions.


Over the past 20 years I have coached groups and individuals on ways to build self - dating esteem. First time mothers and new mothers have benefited from my coaching sessions. Older individuals who want to go out and share their life-long experiences and even start again gained deeper insight and confidence. Some are now serving their communities and others are “painting the town red”. I have done extensive work with employees and volunteers of large and small organizations and institutions to help them through their emotional labor issues. This resulted in better job performance because the employees and volunteers gained more confidence and an improved self-concept. They saw themselves as valuable people to the workplace processes. They were also able to use those same learned skills in other areas of the lives. Those who have availed themselves of my coaching expertise have identified and used their inner strength and courage to make valuable changes in their lives. They have positively effected their careers and others around them. I have received much positive both written and verbal