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In life coaching we are trained that anger and stress can be the biggest problem in many people lives, they can destory relationshions and careers. Getting these under controll must be the first thing someone does to get their life together. My training in military and martial arts have taught me controll anger and stress to allow myself to see what the problem or how to stop a negative person from making me do something I really don't want to and I can help you to over come these in yourself


Certificate in Life Coaching from Coaches Institute International, Certificate in aner management from the US Marine Corp. 3rd degree black belt.


While in 13 years of retail management training anger and stress was one of the biggest things I had to deal with in a fast paced store both of these can come to a head very quickly and distory business and a sales career. While in Marines i had to deal with men and women who had to kill and see their friends be killed and help them keep up their mental state if they did not it could casue them and other their lives as well. In martial arts controlling strees and anger is the absolutely the base of all training.

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