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About Me

Does stress seem to manifest itself in your life as a negative force? Tension, physical illness, depression? Stress is a valuable message from your inner self telling you things need to change. Stress can have a massive impact on any business or relationship. Stress can also cause us to feel a very wide range of emotions from lack of energy to rage. I can help you bring back balance and peace of mind in your life with techniques that help you take back control and get on track with the things that matter to you !
Some of the methods I have successfully used to help others include mediation, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, training on how to become aware and in control of your own thought patterns, spiritual advice, and sound healing, all of these things to help with creating and maintaining well-being in the body, mind and soul.
If you are willing and dedicated to taking action and making the necessary changes in your life you may need, then I can help coach you and teach you ways to regain your focus and succeed with your healthy mind and spiritual goals.
All information shared is kept private and confidential.


ICF Accredited Coach Training


I have dedicated the past 5 yrs of my life to daily meditation and powerful visualization techniques that help create and maintain a balanced and healthy energy. I have successfully used and helped others use the focus and confidence gained as a result, to impact powerful changes in all areas of life. Stress is a powerful signal to you that should not be ignored. See it for what it is, and realize that change needs to happen. Stay on top and in control of your life. I have helped many people over the years targeting there thoughts and teaching them how to live in the now as well as how to live inside the body as opposed to the mind. Conscious thinking is very important. The single most powerful thing we can do in our lives is to gain control over our own thoughts and emotions.

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