Mount Kailash

Expert In Stress & Anger Management


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About Me

All the clients will be given a professional guidance and help to overcome all the distress ,frustration and anger and to obtain the goals and objective of life. i will give solutions in a very simple manner which will be easy to understand and also easy to adopt.


M.A is philosophy and Psychoogy,MSW and PhD in spirituality and religion.


I am having the experience of over 40 years (I am 66 now) in the area of Psychology ,coaching and personal development & spirituality and religion and had acquired the knowledge by reading llitrature and sharing the view with the people of all around the world and learning cosmic healing by the grace of GOD.I am also engaged in professional counseling and my therapy is based on the concept of removal of internal frustation & anger through Meditation ,Cosmic healing & spirituality and religion

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