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Expert In Stress & Anger Management


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About Me

I offer advice and help with depression, stress, anxiety, panic, and chronic health issues.
I am a certified stress and wellness coach and also a relationship and intimacy coach. I can offer solutions and help in all areas of wellness, stress, and relationships including intimate areas. I only offer email advice with a follow up phone session. You will find my detailed answer to your problem clear and filled with practical and common sense ways to solve your problem and make a positive move forward.


BA, Education Certification, MFA in Creative Fiction, MS in Psychology, PhD Candidate in Health Psychology. Plus I am a certified Relationship Coach and a Certified Wellness Coach.


I have worked as a mental health professional for ten years and as a relationship coach and wellness coach for 5 years. I have also worked with all life issues and have also written several manuscripts and stayed home with my four wonderful children until they left To aid in the healing journey I use Journaling, angel cards, and intuitive listening to offer the best help. I work best after mediating and thinking a problem through. I offer a 75$ dollar, 3 page answer to your questions followed up with a free one hour phone session. In this way I can truly off you the best help at a reasonable rate. You will nor be disappointed with my through and clear response to your question and you follow up phone session.