Carsten Werner

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About Me

Born and raised in Germany, it just runs in my blood to be structured and efficient with my time.
As a businessman, time is very important, as you want to spend most of it being productive.
There are reasons why top leaders like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same shirt.
They do not want to waste their valuable time with unimportant decisions.
You can learn to have perfect timing, by becoming aware of your daily routines. With some simple exercises you will become more efficient and productive. At the same time you will reduce time related stress.


Business Economist and Management. Trainer of the trainer certification. Passionate business and personal development coach. Certified Life Coach


Proven track record of successfully building, structuring and growing companies with global presence for 16+ years. Public speaker, author and coach. Specializing in business and personal development, motivation and overcoming life's challenges.