Drew Murley

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About Me

Many people from all walks have life have gained enormously from my Life Strategies programmes and coaching.
People like you, who have wanted to make a change to how they live their lives, and more importantly, what they get out of it.
Are you at that stage in life where you want to get more out of life, or simply want to address a specific part of your life that you are not happy with?
Do you want to make the changes in your life you need to ensure you are getting out of life exactly what you want, to ensure you have the joy, the happiness, the freedom to live your life the way you choose it to be?
Learn the secrets and get the tools to give immediate improvements to attain an extraordinary life have ultimate success and lasting fulfilment in the areas of life that are most important to you.


Life and corporate coaching diplomas - NLP CBT Emotional Intelligence cert.


Drew is an accomplished inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, with powerful insights into motivation and behaviour, and how these can be applied in our everyday world.
He draws extensively upon emotional psychology, feelings, meaning and purpose to bring about lasting change and a vibrant energy within your life; personal and professional.
This is evident in the personal and professional development programmes Drew runs, taking them beyond structure and system. Suddenly, you realise why traditional programmes fall short, why some remain caught up in scarcity, relying upon increasingly weighty structures, rules, and regulations to create order and survive, rather than creating enabling conditions for success in every part of your life.