June Thornton-Marsh

Expert In Depression


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About Me

My approach to therapy is to uncover the blocks to achieving your goals. Curious about yourself? Interested in changing the difficulties in your life? Want a more fulfilling life? If so, I can help you explore, confront and shift what stands in the way of having a life you love. You have taken the most challenging first steps- using strength to reach out and being willing to create change. I believe the primary goal of therapy is increased self-awareness. You may have parts of yourself that you are unconscious of, that you don’t understand or that you belief that you can’t change. Those perceptions can lead you to living a life that may not be in your best interest- causing painful experiences in your romantic, social, work and family relationships and ultimately preventing you from sharing your authentic self and sharing who you are meant to be in the world.
Whether you are someone who can’t find a satisfying intimate relationship or someone with a history of sadness, fear, anger, loss, trauma, serious health issues or addiction struggles, I hope you consider allowing me to help you achieve a more joyful and fulfilling life.


I have professional training/degree in social work - MSW. I am currently licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have extensive training in focused approaches to change and healing that include: Guardian ad Litem training, Authentic Power training, certification as a Strategic Intervention Coach and a Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention Coach.


Experience as an adoption consultant. Experience with college students. Experience as a diversity trainer. Experience as an assistant professor in a social work master’s program teaching social workers how to become therapists. 20 years experience in my private practice with Individuals, couples and families. Specializing in empowerment and authentic power. Issues include: healthy eating, empowerment of women, self-love, joyful dating, loving relationships, joy of parenting, spiritual discovery, crisis as an opportunity, physical opportunities, personal development, emotional discovery and communication across barriers.

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