Cindy Yantis

Writer and Story Consultant :: Expert In Career Coaching


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About Me

As a Success Coach & Career Consultant, Cindy Yantis takes the guesswork out of the game plan for success. She guides teams and executives inside corporations as well as private coaching with individuals wanting to make improvements or changes in their careers and lives.
You have it within you to reach your full measure of success! Through a series of assessment, clarification and implementation techniques, Cindy coaches individuals in the following areas:
• Career Reinvention & Planning
• Life & Career Transition Architecting
• Presentations, Speeches & Pitching
• Executive Building
• Leadership Enhancement
• Physical Presence - entering the room & owning it
• Image Presentation
• Personal Branding
Give an ovation-worthy pitch that is neither a comedy nor a tragedy, but a triumph!
When an effective and powerful connection is attained with an audience of one or fifty or 500, you’ll leave them wanting more – just as an audience wants more at the end of a Tony Award winning play or an Oscar winning picture.
Through this enticing, unique and very informative value-based approach, you and your team will learn to have the same connection and impact that Broadway stars and movie stars have with their masses.


Bachelor of Applied Arts, Broadcasting Major
Central Michigan University


25 years - business development & management, leading meetings, giving presentations and closing deals in the advertising business. 15 years of acting and screenwriting training & experience. Former Miss America contestant.

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