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About Me

Hello there,
If you are reading this, you have probably realised how important what we say and how we say it can be for creating happy relationships.
I have been coaching families, parents, partners, friends and lovers for over ten years, in the tools for communicating effectively, sharing intimacy and really listening to one another.
I can help you to get what you want without using power or manipulation
I can bring you closer to your loved one and
I can build your confidence in expressing who you really are.
I combine expertise in coaching, counselling, non-violent communication, parent effectiveness training and lots more.


MA Social History, Diploma in Coaching


7 years as a qualified coach
Training design and delivery teachers and social workers across the UK
Management and relationship coaching programmes delivered in India and New Zealand
Advice and blog about healthy relationships in the UK
One to one and group coaching skills in spirituality, love and intimacy.