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My name is Angel I Have over 35 years experience 5th generation gifted Spiritualist. I do advise my clients to be relaxed calm and in a quite surrounding being this is a Fortune Telling, my spiritual guides and angels pick up on your energies and vibrations. More of my client is in a calm state and quite atmosphere,More will be revealed and a much stronger spiritual connection with my spirit guides to my clients. My spiritual connection to the spirit world is very unique and i would love to share it with you today! please be opened minded and ready new take on your spiritual path.If you are in-need of a true clarity and guidance my spirit guides and angels will help advise and guide you on the best spiritual path. For clarity and peace please give me a call today.


I have over 35 years' experience.I have guided many of my clients all over the world with my spirit guides and angels. My spirit angel has always been near me since I was a child, she has always guided me as a young child and young adult in many situations. By my late 20s my Spirit Guides approached me, And also has been near me ever since. My spirit guides and Angel lead me on this spiritual path in my life and now I wish to guide people and my clients as well with their spiritual wisdom and guidance. This spiritual life I live is my calling and I wish to share it with you. My readings are here to guide positive light into your life
If you are seeking a true in-depth reading clarity peace of mind let my angel spirits help guide in these matters, please give me a call today you wont be disappointed

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June 21, 2019
I’m blown away! She knew my situation without anything other than my name and DOB! She is the real deal and is very gifted!! She is honest and direct but also very kind and thoughtful in everything. Love love love her!!

April 25, 2019
prediction did not come true

April 18, 2019
Angel picked up well on my situation.She was so connected and insightful and also very informative.An outstanding reading!

April 18, 2019
Excellent reading

April 12, 2019
I couldn’t get enough I had to come back for another reading on a different subject. She was very accurate on personalities and there traits. Kind of freaked me out how accurate she was. Thanks talk soon.

April 12, 2019
Will be back!

April 11, 2019
Angel is a true blessing, Does not sugar coat anything. Right to point and very direct. Thank you once again angel. Many blessings to you.

April 10, 2019
I can't thank you enough! You eased my mind. Angel is amazing accurate and truly connects with your situation!!!

April 4, 2019

January 31, 2019
Very good...gets right to the point.

January 31, 2019
Angel was AMAZING! I have spoken to many excellent psychics, but she blew me away! She picked up on my situation quickly and just kept talking without asking questions. She gave me guidance that I needed and a non-sugarcoated prediction. She is very to the point. Thank you very much, Angel. We'll speak again!

January 11, 2019
Thank you angel, you have gave me true peace of mind, hope and clarity on my love situation. Which is very complicated! Haha she is the very best! Angel is super blunt! But i needed that. Thanks angel i will update you soon take care many blessings good vibes ?????

January 10, 2019
Always great readings!!! thanks so much for the advice!

December 26, 2018
she's awesome, gave full detail on my reading and nailed all the description and current situation with the people involved. Amazing the accuracy she has!! Thanks so much for all the details, I was blown away with the reading, great advice too!!! God bless you

December 2, 2018
Wow, Wow and more Wow. I read with different pyshics tonight but none compared to Angel. She is a straight shooter and tells you exactly how it is. I cried, I laughed, I feel like I have gained a friend for life. She touched on a lot and I had many "aha" moments. Some great confirmations. She is absolutely the best one here. She is my new best friend lol haha. Thank you so much for what you do, you truly have a gift.

October 27, 2018
Thank you my friend I will be waiting for the positive man and will not let the old one come back to my life. Thank you for the advices and the honesty. I enjoyed talking to Angel she was kind honest. She made me feel like I was talking to a relative. I will wait for the predictions and I will stay positive. Big Kiss to you and have a great weekend :)

October 22, 2018
Always AMAZING!!! Angel truly cares! Will be back for sure. Many blessings

October 22, 2018
Great reading and very in tune with the situation, thanks again

October 21, 2018
Angel made me feel Comfortable and was brutally honest But I needed to hear it definitely recommend thank you angel ??

October 7, 2018
Amazing as always. Super sweet but also honest!! Connects quickly as well. Thanks Angel xoxo

October 7, 2018
I need to thank you first angel for being honest on my situation I know it's something I did not want to hear but I needed to hear. You are truly gifted and I truly appreciate you. I get a lot of psychic readings believe me I am a psychic junkie LOL but Angel is unique and very in tune with her spiritual side and her spirit guides she revealed something very specific about my situation which I didn't tell her about. But Angel seen it crystal clear kind of freaked me out lol how amazing she is thank you so much again I'm going to take your spiritual advice we will talk soon many blessings love and light

October 6, 2018
OHHH do email me a follow-up.. I just can't spend anymore.. but you are gifted my friend and worth every penny.. Oh dear me though...

August 17, 2018
Wasss again on point and amazingggg

August 15, 2018
Amzing readg

August 6, 2018
Very good reader