DeBorrah K Ogans

Pastoral Counselor :: Expert In Religious Coaching


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About Me

I am caring, compassionate, creative, versatile, intuitive, discerning, patient, Christian Counselor with strong interpersonal skills!
I desire to assist, families, couples, single parents,
as well as companies and their employees. Help to develop and implement healthy and constructive interactive family and on the job relational dynamics. To empower adults and children by helping them learn to take responsibility for their actions. To enhance their individual temperament strengths. To facilitate learning how to respond calmly, minimize stressors and personal growth, by encouraging a personal level of self-esteem which yields in increasing responsible decision making possibilities.
We offer Authentic Bible-based Christian Counseling at Alpha 7 Ministries. Our counseling methods are designed to enlighten, provoke thought, and encourage healthy alternative productive ways to live and resolve conflict. When you commence to care and commit to a healthier approach you can move towards acquiring skills to resolve conflict and manage your anger. Love, hatred, desire, joy, sadness, disgust, shame and admiration are all emotions that can be properly addressed.
There are far too many band-aid methods that merely result in a temporary surface “quick fix”. Embracing wise principles, learning to be honest, transparent, and choosing to be willing to abandon dysfunctional behavior modes will result in a liberating repentance. Once enlightened you will begin to experience inner peace and newly acquired patience resulting in healthy confidence that is most beneficial when going through and living beyond any given circumstance.


BA Christian Clinical Counseling, MA Christian Clinical Counseling


DeBorrah has been a Christian Counselor for over (15) fifteen years. DeBorrah has been married for over (39) thirty nine years, has (4) married children and (18) eighteen grandchildren. DeBorrah is the Pastoral Counselor for Alpha 7 Ministries.

DeBorrah K. Ogans is a Marriage Educator, licensed Christian Counselor and Ordained Minister. She is certified through the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in Creation Therapy and holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Clinical Counseling. Creation Therapy is one of many methods she uses for counseling, it utilizes the concept of temperament and deals with the outer manifestations of behavior.

DeBorrah is a Co-Founder along with her husband Randall of "Alpha 7 Ministries". They believe that “Ministry Goes Beyond The Walls.”

DeBorrah has over the years counseled with many going through divorce, grief,conflict, anger, marriage, relationship & parenting issues as well as spiritual issues.

DeBorrah has written extensively and has a plethora of columns that are widely published. She is the author of a pre-marital guide “How Do I Love Thee: Things You Need To Know Before You Say I Do”, and has released her second book "Holy Matrimony: Now That You're Married". Please visit us at