J. Brown, Ph.D.

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About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and ordained Interfaith Minister with over 10 years' experience assisting those in grief and bereavement, spiritual crisis, depression and anxiety using clinical and mindfulness interventions.


Clinical Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology; Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology; Ordained Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling (MSC); CPE 1 Unit;
Certified Anger Management Provider;
Certified Recovery Coach (OASAS)


As a psychotherapist I provided treatment in community counseling centers and mental health clinics. I have counseled and supervised adults in crisis and at-risk and homeless youths. I have worked with individuals and groups, adults and adolescents from diverse populations and backgrounds.

As a practitioner, I provide support through difficult times of conflict, anxiety, depression, grief, stress, trauma, spiritual crisis, conflict or confusion, or worry. I believe in the wisdom of the psyche and the soul. I provide a safe space to process, to grow, to integrate change, bringing about mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. I hold a transpersonal view of health and well-being. A holistic perspective of body, mind, soul and spirit working together to create wholeness, integrity. Trusting that ones’ inner wisdom when given the proper support and guidance will facilitate healing.

As a Minister to people in spiritual crises/spiritual emergency, I am informed by my own personal experience, as well as the experiences of others. I understand that the process of inner transformation can be solitary, painful and scary. My own journey through spiritual emergency/crises taught me firsthand how difficult, and often misunderstood, the deepening, expansive process of transformation can be. If you are experiencing an inner spiritual process that you don’t quite understand or that you think no one else will understand, give me a call.