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About Me

As a contempory spiritual teacher/counselor and registered Life Coach I travels extensively, helping to nurture the global movement of spiritual awakening. It is my joy to help others wake up to their joy.
My message is simple but profound as you will discover if you give me the priviledge to guide you into the reality of who you really are in your relationship to God and all humanity. That we are indeed one with God and one with each other. That within each of us is the light of creation that holds all the answers to life's questions.
All it will take is a few questions and a short session to get you on the road to wholeness and joy. I guarantee that this will produce change in your life and a peace that goes beyond what you have ever experienced.
Do not live in a life that you know in your heart of hearts is not
what you were put on this earth to live. There is a greater thing in store for you if you will open yourself to this 'awakening'.
This is your moment to find life afresh.


Spiritual Teacher/ Licensed Professional Life Coach


I have spent the last thirty years in study and contemplation of God and mankind through institution and by mentors. Through these years of seeking, searching and learning I discovered some truths that are true for all people that when recieved will 'transport' individuals into a reality that will bring health to them in every aspect of their lives and will even overflow to their friends and family. These precepts are that powerful and life changing. I have taught these revolutionary precepts in seminars, to various groups,individuals and churches for the last twenty years with always the same result regardless of gender or age. These precepts will work for you too.

I will assume that if you are reading this then you are a seeker and already halfway to be awakened. This could be your time to be fully awakened! The rest of the journey may be very well as easy as contacting me. Allowing me to be a part of this journey would be a great honor.