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About Me

Peace of mind and living our values in the daily life let us feel safe and supported in a higher order in the universe. In your pursuit to realign your life better to your spiritual guidance, you may find in me a sensitive, competent and focussed coach. We will start by unveiling your values and questioning them from the point of view of your religion. You may chose to realign some of the values concerning your daily life to your spiritual values. Then, we may look at your decisions and actions in your daily life and find better ways to live upon your values. This path goes through self-love and self-esteem and leads to mindfullness. Keeping your religion in mind, we may find a new view on yourself and your role in any area of your life. In addition to your own spirituality, Leonard Shaw's Love and Forgiveness Approach is the main frame for our work. If appropriate, I may support you in changing some patterns also by using tools from neurolinguistic programming (NLP), from the 'Psychology of Vision' of Chuck Spezzano and from new developments in the Family Constellations Therapy of Bernd Hellinger. I work in English, German, French and Romanian. My email coaching is effective, as you have the space to reflect and to integrate new insights. Paying per minutes is very efficient, because I will usually give you in each mail only the insights useful for you in that moment. You may take your time to reflect on them and integrate them step by step. Often, I let you question yourself and what you wrote to me. Such questioning unveils not-conscious patterns limiting your choices in life. Making unconscious patterns conscious has often a freeing effect. For the moment, the chat software does not work on my mac, but I will add a telephone coaching soon!


Trainer in communication and personal development, Master in NLP, Master in NLP, Degree in Business Administration


15 years experience in middle management in national administrations, 5 years experience as administrator in international administrations, trainer and coach since 2010 - english, german, french and romanian.