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About Me

I am a Personal Spiritual Coach, Tarotist, Numerologist, Intuitive, Empath and Flower Child.
With a passion and purpose to guide my clients towards their truth, my coaching methods are rooted in ancestral knowledge and personal challenges. In grieving the deaths of my sister and father, I found strength in the practice of ancient disciplines that enabled me to go forth with renewed vigor.
My services include Personal Spiritual Coaching, Tarot Readings and Custom Numerology Readings.
A Chicago native, my curiosity about life and spirituality were nurtured from an early age. My childhood thirst for knowledge opened the door to discovering my own truth through the worlds of metaphysics, astronomy, astrology and numerology.
My home is in Georgia where I love spending time with my other half, two sons and nephew, watching Ancient Aliens marathons and historical documentaries.


Certified Life Coach & Ordained Minister


I obtained my life coaching certification from the Universal Coach Center where I graduated with honors. I am accredited and listed at (Chicago, Illinois practitioners). Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.