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About Me

To live a balanced life there is the intellect, the body and the spirit. When the spirit is starved it will through life out of balance. As a wellness coach I can help you achieve spiritual balance on path that makes you happy. I am also a certified relationship and intimacy coach that offers solutions in all areas that deal with relationships. I only offer email advice with a follow up phone session. You will find my detailed answer to your problem clear and filled with practical and common sense ways to solve your problem.


BA, Education Certification, MFA in Creative Fiction, MS in Psychology, PhD Candidate in Health Psychology. Plus I am a certified Relationship Coach and a Certified Wellness Coach.


I have worked as a mental health professional for ten years and as a relationship coach and wellness coach for 5 years. I have also worked with all life issues and have also written several manuscripts and stayed home with my four wonderful children until they left To aid in the healing journey I use Journaling, angel cards, and intuitive listening to offer the best help. I work best after mediating and thinking a problem through. I offer a 75$ dollar, 3 page answer to your questions followed up with a free one hour phone session. In this way I can truly off you the best help at a reasonable rate. You will nor be disappointed with my through and clear response to your question and you follow up phone session.