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About Me

Hi, my name is Shyla Fannan and I am a recent graduate from SIU. I am one of the first students with the United States to receive a specialization in styling. I love working with clients to transform their entire life-from the outside in!
I will ask you some questions to really get a feel for the life you are trying to create and then will determine what course of action will be best. I can help you with everything from hair/beauty to home styling and how you carry yourself. I can also help you learn the law of attraction and how to apply it to attract an even better life. No request is too big or small or too strange, so please email me or message me at any time and I will see what I can do for you.


Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising with a specialization in Fashion Styling


Classes in:
Event Planning, Visual Communication, Make-up, Symbolism, Fashion History, Trend Forecasting, Styling for Clients, Marketing and a background in the visual arts and music. I have been told I am very sensitive to changes in trends and usually lead the charge into new styles (when I have the money to of course).
I have been styling friends (including hair and make-up) for years. Many of them have gone from shy tom boys to owning their feminine power and looking truly first class.