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About Me

I've worked in shops all of my life, I've seen shops with good customer service and bad customer service. I know the importance of understanding your customers issue or query. I put all of my effort into making the customers problem, my problem and using all the tools at my command to help rectify the issue.
I am polite, caring, literate and punctual with replies. When faced with a problem, I do all that I can to help rectify the issue, or fully explain to the customer why I cannot rectify an issue.
Years of buying and selling online has made me very familiar with online systems and practices, such as tracking parcels or initiating returns for valid reasons. All the time ensuring I keep customers and the client happy.


I am working from home part time for a degree in Science and maths


I have an A level in Biology, AS levels in Chemistry, Applied ICT and GCSE's grade B and above in, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Applied ICT and English literature and language.