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About Me

I have been a practicing Optometry for a few years now and I can help people with many eye related questions. I can answer questions you may have about, lasik, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, contact lenses ,ARMD, retinal detachments and much more.
Allow me a patient friendly doctor to help you will all your eye related questions and concerns. I'm a good listener


BS in Biology from Northeastern University.
Doctor of optometry (OD) from New England College of optometry in Boston.
Licenses in MA and RI.


Able to address medical care and treatment related to the eye. My training involves all age groups from children to the elderly.
I have had training in eye disease, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, bacterial conjunctivitis and allergies. As well as systemic disease that is associated with your eyes such as diabetes, hypertension, thryoid problems, smoking and various medications.
Vision disorders such as blurred vision, halos, eye strain, computer vision syndrome, headaches strabismus (eye turns) and lazy eyes. Expert in Contact lenses, from your basic fits to bifocal lenses, dry eye contacts, contacts for allergies and the newest edition of lenses on the market silicon hydrogel contacts.
Special interest in fitting glasses for patients with high prescriptions, light sensitive patients and progressive lenses for the patient over 40.

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