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I have worked in a hospital setting, providing care and education to patients and family members from pediatrics to geriatrics. My experience includes a vast variety of medical conditions too numerous to list. Education and counseling are a large part of nursing. Sometimes a client may feel that their questions are too silly, or even embarrassing to ask. While there is no silly question, and we shouldn't feel belittled by asking, we still feel a bit skiddish. Here, you can ask any questions you want and never have to be face to face with the person giving you the advice. So, with that in mind, Please....Ask me....I am waiting on you. :) Strictly confidential!


Associate of Applied Science, Nursing


I have 14 years of active experience in the hospital, nursing home, pediatrics settings, covering a variety of medical issues. I currently practice in a hospital setting, treating and caring for a multitude of sicknesses and surgeries on a medical/surgical 38 bed unit. I am a graduate of an accredited school, and am currently licensed in the state of South Carolina.
All inquiries are strictly confidential as per the HIPPA law.

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March 9, 2011
She gave me info i could have read anywhere else online.

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