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About Me

I have completed my Bachelors in Homeopathic medicine and surgery from Mumbai, India in the year 2003.I have worked with homeopaths for gaining experience and practicing homeopathy since then . I have also acquired training in Scientific Acupuncture under the guidance of DR TOLIA.I have acquired a Diploma in Beauty science ,aesthetics and Trichology from Australian Gold coast academy which further qualifies me to conduct treatments like chemical peels ,Botox for fine lines, electro cautery for Warts ,Moles ,Skin tags, Laser hair removal .Homeopathy shows excellent results in hair related issues ,anxiety ,depressions, child health ,female disorders ,gastric problems ,any orthopedic conditions etc.


Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery(Maharashtra University of Health Sciences).Diploma in Scientific acupuncture ,Diploma in Beauty Science ,aesthetics and Trichology(hair study).


Having around 10 yrs of experience in Homeopathic practice especially in female complaints like pain during menses ,emotional disturbances ,gastric problems ,joint related complaints ,pediatric problems with excellent success rate .Acupuncture coupled with homeopathy has especially in bone problems and neuralgias has given fabulous results., Trichology that is study of hair has helped many to stop hair loss ,dandruff problems,.Have worked with Laser cure clinics and homeopathic experts for gaining experience.

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