Kansas Cafferty

MCA, CSC, MFTI :: Expert In Health & Medicine


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About Me

I can provide extensive information including counsel, advice, experience (both professional and personal), consultation, and referrals to treatment programs and interventionists. This can be done through the service here or through other negotiated forms.


National Certified Addictions Counselor (NCAC), Registered Addiction Specilialist (RAS), Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF), Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee (MFTT)


I have 10 years of experience in the addictions field and have 11 years of personal sobriety. I have worked for such places as HealthNet, Scripps McDonald Center, and am currently the Family Counselor for Pemarro (Dual Diagnosed and Chronic Relapse). This service is being provided by me as an individual and as a side venture to my standard employment. I have extensive experience with both adolescents and adults as well as experience working with the families of these individuals.

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