Muhammad Ahsan Mumtaz

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About Me

In Electrical Engneering and Computer Science subjects I have Expertise in Circuit Solving,Programming Languages like C++,Assembly,Matlab,.net,php,DataBase Management Systems,oracle,Microsoft Office,Java etc


BS(TE) Electrical Engineering


I have done major projects in computer science and Elctrical Engineering subjects.I have done Puzzle game in assembly using computer interface interrups.In C++ I have made the cricket Board which takes input from notepad file and displays the cricket board results like overs,score,run rates,required run rates,current run rates,Overs remaining etc.I have also made the library management systems which keeps the records of books,issued books and available books,I have also done project of Analog communication course in which u-law to a-law traffic between North America and Eourope is interchanges.I have also done various programming projects in C++ and Assembly like AirPort ticket reservation system and games etc.